16 Wyndham Street, Central Auckland - 09 3660254


Spitting Feathers is located on Level 1 16 Wyndham Street Auckland Central

There's a doorway between the convenience store and the All Seasons hotel. Walk down this corridor, up the stairs, and experience exactly how unique this bar really is. Corridor

Formally the Wyndham Street Bowling Club, after a fire had completely gutted the premises, it's potential was realised by Graham and Rachel, the concept began as soon as humanly possible, and the entire damaged premises was refitted from scratch, to what is now Spitting Feathers.

Established in August 2011 and having been created with one purpose...A place to drink proper pints, proper beers, and enjoy what bars are suppossed to be about.

Predominantly English, One of the owners hailing from that great County of Yorkshire, his wife being the other, a kiwi through and through, this is not a typical English bar. There's no pictures of Queeny, no Union Jacks draping the windows, and no Victoria Busts!

A true freehouse, one of only a few in New Zealand, there are no brewery ties, no corporation determining staff or what you can or cannot drink!

Spitting Feathers offers the best of English bars, those amazing world renowned drinks, in those full sized Pint glasses. A sense of belonging, a home away from home, be that England, or Remuera! Provided you're not too intoxicated you will ALWAYS feel welcomed!

Spitting Feathers belongs to well established "The English Corner Shop" (TA) Lane's Foods
Located at 531 Great South Rd, Penrose, you'll find all the beer we sell here, plus all the tastes of home, at prices you will find hard to beat anywhere.

Supplying over 100 supermarkets accross New Zealand. Much like Spitting Feathers isn't your usual English bar, The English Corner Shop isn't your usual British food novelty shop.

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